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Henderson Bay Road

Henderson Bay Road

The location of Henderson Bay is about 60kms north of Kaitaia, the northern most city in New Zealand, and on the way to Cape Reinga.

About 50kms north from Kaitaia you will come to Pukenui, a settlement that is nestled beside the Houhora Harbour and the last place for you to stock up on supplies before arriving at Henderson Bay.

About 10kms further north you will find a well signposted turnoff to the right. This is Henderson Bay road and it is unsealed, but will take you to the perfect holiday hideaway.

This road is about 6kms of metal but you need to take your time and try not to be distracted by the tantalizing glimpses of the harbour to the right of you as you travel along this road. On the left you will also glimpse sweeping vistas of the ocean and white sand beaches, and on a clear day you can see right up to north cape, the northern most point of New Zealand.

You know when you have arrived in Henderson Bay as directly in front of you will be the ocean.

Map Key
Lighthouse = Cape Reinga
Yellow Pin = Henderson Bay
Blue Pin = Kaitaia

[bgmp-map center=”Pukenui Wharf Road, Pukenui” zoom=”9″ height=”600″ width=”500″ categories=”Location”]