Snorkeling Henderson Bay



There are many different areas for snorkelling, from the beginners through to the advanced divers.

As the tide receeds small rock pools that are totally enclosed like a swimming pool open up on the north end of the beach, creating a safe environment for beginners who do not have to contend with currents and wave action.  In this area you can find the Black Doris Nudibranches as well as many other creatures.

In front of the beach to the left is another three lagoons that open up to the open sea.  The currents can be strong in the right one and this is where locals launch their boats, so it is a good idea to keep out of that one.  Of the other two the middle one offers more protection from outgoing currents while the one on the left has a wider range of creatures to find.

For very experienced snorkellers, the sub tidal zones are where you can find the clown doris as well as juvenile packhorses which can be mistaken as full grown crayfish.  A packhorse is green with orange nippers.