Seahares or Sea Slugs of Henderson Bay

Seahares, or sea slugs are creatures that live in the intertidal zone.  At Henderson Bay we have at least two species, the ragged seahare or Bursatella leachii and the Dolabrifera brazieri.

The ragged seahare lives in the sandy lagoon areas of Henderson Bay, growing up to about 70mm long.  The look like black rocks with seaweed attached to them so are often missed. When they are adults, they lay eggs that look like spagetti (fifth photo) then they die.  A few months later the juveniles can be seen cruising around the lagoon.  As they live in big numbers together, when you see one you will see many more in the same area.

The Dolabrifera brazieri is found in the low intertidal zone, around rocks or under them and it looks like a warty lump (second row, second photo) but if you watch then you will see the warty lump move!

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All photos have been taken at Otaipango – Henderson Bay

Here is a short video of a sea hare.

Filmed on location at Otaipango

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