Fishing At Henderson Bay

Fishing Off the Rocks

Fishing Off the Rocks

Henderson Bay is a spot that is often used by locals for rock fishing.

At low tide the rocks that are revealed offer some great deep sea fishing without having to hire a boat as the reefs drop sharply in places. There are also tidal channels among the rocks where fish swim in and out, following the tides.

If surf casting is more your style of fishing, then further along the beach to the south end there are some great surf casting spots for you to test out. Many locals will also go all the way to the south end then around to the bay on the other side, called Kowhai Beach. There is not a public road out to this beach so you can only get to it by walking or coming in by boat.

With alot of guts in the reefs at Henderson Bay, fishing from a kayak is also an option. You do not need to be more than about 400 metres off shore.

For those of you who enjoy spear fishing, bring your spear gun and catch your supper!