Family Activities

Family Exploring the Rocks

Family Exploring the Rocks

Henderson Bay is a safe place for families with children and offers a wide range of activities for your children that will keep them occupied for hours.

When the tide starts to go out, safe swimming lagoons are created in and around the rock pools with the outer reef rocks offering protection from the surf on the other side. On sunny days the water in some of these rock pools and lagoons are gently warmed by the sun. For older children the thrill of playing in the surf just to the south of the rocks will keep them entertained for hours.

The crystal clear waters at Henderson Bay also create great exploring opportunities for young and old alike, to wander around looking at the sea life that live in the rock pools. From the seaweed and little fish that swim around in the rock pools, to watching the crabs as the scurry out of the crevasses and greet each other with a high five will keep children entertained for hours.

Of course, if you have snorkel and goggles for your children another exciting world to explore opens up.

If you stay for more than a day, after each tide, there will be new things to see and explore.