Coastal Walks At Henderson Bay

There are two great coastal walks that can be done at Henderson Bay, they both offer different landscapes and views and they both start from the main carpark at the end of Henderson Bay Road.

The Coastal Cliff Walk
Starting from the carpark turn north – this is the left hand side if you are facing the ocean – and you will see a sand track beside a fence.  Follow this and you will get views of the beach to your right.  A bit further along the track climbs slightly and the ocean disappears and you find yourself following a track through kanuka which is endemic to Aotearoa and is on the New Zealand Threat Classification system as  At Rick / Declining. Further along this opens out to an area that is sandstone where the plants tend to grow more flat. The track keeps going until you come to another road and carpark.  From here you have 3 different ways you can go.

You can take the cliff traqck that leads down to another beach.  This beach is alot different from the main Henderson Bay beach as instead of having sand it has pebbles.  You can also go straight and follow the track around to the next beach which the locals call Pink Beach as one part of the sand there is mainly fine shell that is mainly pink. The area above this beach offers sweeping views of the white sands at Great Exhibition Bay and on a clear bay you will be able to see North Cape, the northern most point in New Zealand.

If you take either of these tracks you will stil have to return to this point.  From here you can walk down the road, at the end turn left and walk to the end again then turn left and you will see the carpark from wehre you started.

This walk is mainly flat and approx 3kms round trip.

The Beach and Escarpment Walk
This walk again starts at the carpark and heads south – the right hand side if you are facing the ocean.  Follow the track along the fence and it will take you onto the beach.  From here keep heading south and after you have crossed two creeks you can go one of two ways – up the escarpment or carry on down the beach.  If the tide is high take the escarpment and come back the beach.  To get up the escarpment, after you have crowwed the second creek take the track at the side of the creek that goes up the side and this will be you up onto the escarpment that offers sweeping views of Henderson Bay.  Wandering up here is like stepping onto another world, where iron sandstone competes with white sands and plants try to get a hold.  You can find trees that have been buried by the shifting sands and exposed again, stark sticks against white sands and a blue sky.

Keep walking until you come to a creek which is the third creek and follow it back down to the beach.  From here you can come back up the beach to the carpark where you first started.

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